Life Cycle Set - Chicken

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A chicken's life cycle actually begins before it hatches from an egg.  After fertilisation, which is the joining of cells from a hen & a rooster, a new life is created inside of a hen's body. The new life is called an embryo, which is a very young & underdeveloped life form that cannot survive on its own. The embryo is encased in a shell, & it contains nutrients that will help the embryo grow into a chick. After a hen lays the egg that contains the embryo, it must fully develop into a chick before it can hatch from the egg & live on its own.

Once a hen lays an egg, the embryo inside will continue to grow for several weeks while it completes its development into a chick. This process is called incubation. During incubation, the hen sits on her eggs to keep them warm, dry, & protected from predators & other things that may cause harm to them. The incubation process usually takes about 3 weeks. During that time, the hen is dedicated to the eggs & stays with them, & even turns the eggs from time to time to make sure they are forming correctly.

The set comes with wooden 3 Part Cards, & is presented in a beautful wooden box with a picture of the corresponding theme printed on the lid. 

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