Classroom Kit 3

Classroom Kit 3



Our Montessori Start-up kit 3 sells for R77,235.00 (includes a 10% discount) and comprises of 122 items as follows: BO002 Botany Puzzle Cabinet,  BO004 Animal Puzzle Cabinet, BO005 Botany Leaf Cabinet with Insets, BO006 Leaf Puzzle, BO007 Tree Puzzle, BO008 Flower Puzzle, BO009 Horse Puzzle, BO010 Frog Puzzle, BO011 Fish Puzzle, BO012 Turtle Puzzle, BO013 Bird Puzzle, BO014 Leaf Cards, BO019 Leaf Cards Cabinet, GE003 Puzzle Map of World Parts, GE004 Puzzle Map of Europe,GE005 Puzzle Map of North America, GE006 Puzzle Map of South America, GE007 Puzzle Map of Africa, GE008 Puzzle Map of Asia, GE009 Puzzle Map of Australia, GE010 Puzzle Map of SA, PMCAB Puzzle Map Cabinet, LA001 Lower Case Sandpaper Letters w/ Box – Print, LA002 Lower Case Sandpaper Letters w/ Box – Cursive, LA004 Lower Case Double Sandpaper Letters w/ Box – Print, LA005 Lower Case Double Sandpaper Letters w/ Box – Cursive, LA006 Capital Case Sandpaper Letters w/ Box – Print, LA007 Capital Case Sandpaper Letters with Box – Cursive, LA011 Small Movable Alphabets w/ Box, LA013 Single Inset Tracing Tray, LA014-2 + LA014-3 Metal Insets (Pink) & Stands, LA016 Shelving Unit for Metal Inset Material (Shelf Only), LA017 Set of 11 Coloured Pencil Holders, LA020 Noun & Verb Introduction Solids with Tray, 401803 Plastic Grammar Symbols with Box, LA022 Reading Analysis 1st Chart & Box, LA023 Reading Analysis 2nd Chart & Box, MA001 Numerical Rods, MA001-2 Printed Numerals with Box,  MA002 Small Numerical Rods,  MA003 Stand For Numerical Rods, MA004 Sandpaper Numbers with Box, MA006 Spindle Box With 45 Spindles, MA009 Cut-Out Numeral and Counters, MA011 Large Fraction Skittles With Stand, MA012 Large Wooden Number Cards With Box (1-9000), MA018 Stamp Game, MA019 Bank Game, MA020 Teens & Tens Boards (Seguin Boards), MA021 Hundred Board, MA021-1 Control Chart for Hundred Board, MA022 Pythagoras Board, MA022-1 Control Chart for Pythagoras Board, MA023-1 + 2 Metal Fraction Circles and Stand, MA025 10 Wooden Thousand Cubes, MA026 50 Wooden Hundred Squares, MA029 Addition Strip Board, MA030 Subtraction Strip Board, MA034 Multiplication Bead Board, MA035 Division Bead Board, MA037 Large Bead Frame, MA039 Binomial Cube, MA040 Trinomial Cube, MA045 Golden Bead Thousand Cube, MA046-2 5 Sets of Coloured Bead Stairs 1-9, MA047 9 Golden Bead Hundred Squares, MA049 45 Golden Bead Bars of 10, MA050 100 Golden Bead Units w/ Box, MA051 Bead Chains of 100, MA052 Bead Chains of 1000, MA053-4 Wall Frame for 100 & 1000 Bead Chains, MA053-6 Printed Arrows for 100/1000 Bead Chains with Boxes, MA057 Bead Bars for Ten Board with Box, MA058 Bead Bars for Teen Board with Box, MA062 Subtraction Snake Game, MA063 Addition Snake Game, MA064 Introduction to Decimal Quantity with Trays, MA065 Introduction to Decimal System with Trays, MA066 Hanger for Coloured Bead Stairs, MA067 Teen Bead Hanger, DFSTAND Dressing Frame Stand For 12 Frames, PR006 Hook & Eye Dressing Frame, PR007 Lacing Dressing Frame, PR008 Shoe Lacing Dressing Frame, PR009 Velcro Dressing Frame, PR010 Ribbon Tying Dressing Frame, PR011 Large Buttons Dressing Frame, PR012 Small Buttons Dressing Frame, PR013 Zipping Frame, PR014 Snap Closure Dressing Frame, PR015 Safety Pins Dressing Frame, PR016 Buckles Dressing Frame, PR017 Bag Clipping Dressing Frame, SE001 Long Red Rods, MA003 Stand for Long Red Rods, SE003 Cylinder Blocks, SE004 Knobless Cylinders, SE005 + SE006-1 Pink Tower with Stand, SE007 Geometric Solids with Stands, SE009 Brown Stair, SE010 Colour Tablets (1st Box), SE011 Colour Tablets (2nd Box), SE012 Colour Tablets (3rd Box), SE013 Graded Sand Tablets, SE014 Baric Tablets with Box, SE017 Rough & Smooth Boards, SE018 Geometric Cabinet, SE019 Geometric Demonstration Tray, SE019-1 Cards For Geometric Demonstration Tray-in card, SE019-2 Geometric Form Cards, SE020-1 Geometric Card Cabinet, SE021 Sound Boxes, SE023 Thermic Tablets, SE025 Constructive Blue Triangles, SE029 Mystery Bag, SE031 Fabric Box, SE033 Blindfold, SE037 Constructive Triangles With 5 Boxes, SE038 Nuts and Bolts, SE043 Tasting Exercise.

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