Life Cycle Set – Honey Bee

Life Cycle Set – Honey Bee


The life cycle of the honey bee begins firstly with the mating of the queen honey bee with drones (males).  To do this, the queen will leave the hive or nest on a mating flight, where she will mate mid air up to 24 times. The impregnated queen returns to join the rest of the colony in the nest or hive, where she will lay the eggs that will develop into adult bees.

The honey bee life cycle has 4 basic stages between egg & adult bee, whether it is a worker, drone or queen.

The 4 key stages are:             1. Egg          2. Larva          3. Pupa          4. Adult

The set comes with wooden 3 Part Cards, & is presented in a beautiful wooden box with a picture of the corresponding theme printed on the lid.

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